Scale issue


i have just started working with dynamo and i’m running into the problem that although all my units seem to be in meters a 2,4 units in dynamo is a 0,732 m in revit.







is there a setting ore checkbox i’m missing?

Kind regards

stupid question maybe, but what about the units in revit and in your family?

That’ll be a conversion issue. Can you post your file here?


i can post the dynamo file, the revit file contains company information.


I did double check the units in both revit (2014) and dynamo (0.63).

And than again. 2400/732 = 3,27. If it was inch/mm you would expect 2,54 (ish)

Conversion issue indeed. 3.28 is the ratio between feet and meter. Drop a Length From Number node in fornt of each input of the XYZ node and you should be fine. It is my understanding that the XYZ node will always treat a number input as metric feet, so you need to make your input a length. Veel geluk!


worked like a charme.

Have to admit is a strange line of thought…