Did anyone else experience that some of the dyn files in the sample directory or the dyf files in the definition directory are hard to edit or nodes disapear?

It's my impression that those files are programmed to use windows regional settings or the project units from Vasari. I had a file that uses points as a decimal separator. This file did not show up in the dynamo interface.

I opened with notepath++ the dyf files and the dyn files. If you change the points to comma's it starts to work. I also noticed that some of the nodes have incredible big x and y coordinates. While your at it reduce those.

For your information my system is setup for metrics and comma's for decimal separator

I also work with the metric system and have the same problem. It would be great if dynamo can work with the metric system

i believe this is the same issue pointed out here:

i am also working in a metric environment.

Yes, unfortunately that is true. Those values are being fed directly into Revit API calls, which assume all measurements in feet. We'll have to do some back-end stuff to properly convert the units prior to sending them to the api.

Am I also correct to assume then when I fill in a measurement in Dynamo that it assumes they are feet? I made a cube whose base measurements where one by one meter. I had a width and a length parameter being read out and set by dynamo. When I reduced the slider to 1 I noticed the cube was not one by one meter or a logical number in the metric system but it very much looked like it assumed the the slider measurement system was imperial.

Thanks for pointing this out. Typical decimal-point-centric programming on our part :) When we serialize the dynamo workflows to xml, we aren't honoring Windows' regional settings. These are actually set at the windows level, not at the level of Vasari. Obviously, we should honor these settings when we save .dyn/.dyf files. The large X and Y units are also a result of the decimal points not converting correctly.