Filled Region by curves

I am trying to create a filled region from the bottom surface of this columns, but in the end, i got a warning message for the boundary data, like this :

how to fix it?

Thanks you…

Hello @ does it work if you join your curves with polycurve by joined curves before feed in to filledregion by curve…EDIT can you get the surface perimeter curves ?..

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Hello, thank you for your response.

I have tried using the same method as you suggested, and the script worked the first time. However, after closing Revit and reopening the script in Dynamo for Revit, the Select Model Elements node no longer functions.

And is it possible to input all columns using the Categories - All Elements of Category node?"

Like this,

Surface.Top from DynaMEP Package



Hello, thank you for your response,
I have tried the method that you suggested, but when I tried to connect the curve from Surface.PerimeterCurves to the boundary in FilledRegion.ByCurves, the Dynamo application encountered an error and froze. It seems like there is a bug in either Revit or Dynamo.

Fortunately, I found a solution using Grasshopper with Rhino Inside Revit without any bug or other issues.