Filled region error

hi guys I have some filled region node error …!
Iam trying to create a filled region with multiple loop and ended up in a error that says
" This curve will make the loop not contiguous.Parameter name: pCurve"
wondering what is the cause of the issue…!

I have also attached a Dynamo file here
rvt file used is the sample architecture project.
version 2018.1 dyn version: 1.3.2

C-sheet room.dyn (99.6 KB)

any hlp ?!

You might not be handling your lists correctly for that node. Can you show your inputs (with node previews turned on) for the FilledRegion node?

@saju_autodesk Please show us complete graph with all the previews turned on for this topic and future topics. it will help others who is trying to help you.

Thanks for the reply @Nick_Boyts @Kulkul I was facing some issue while upload …!

I thought the dynamo file would help on it…! any ways here we go…!
I have resized the image works good on open in new tab…!

Also I noticed that when using the camera button on top right(export workspace as image) sometimes the background preview is vanished and has a white background…! I shall start a topic for this later…! I am attaching the BG preview here…!

Can you post a copy of your model? It’s always best to share your specific files in case anything has changed or happened to them. The easier it is for us to replicate your exact conditions the more likely we can find you a solution.

Edit: From looking at the error and doing my own testing it sounds like at least one of your sublists of curves does not create a closed loop.

here it is…!

Im fairly certain that is the intended behavior, to allow for easier reading of node connections. Have you seen the backround preview when using the camera export previously?

@JacobSmall…! yea just verified no BG’s on earlier snips…! I also agree with it that it would be easier with out background Image…!

Also, I tried to make a filled region today…! in a separate file…!

wen i pass the curves as different list it successfully creates the filled region…!

But on flattening the list then inputting them causes an error…!

with the following error message…!

I am I missing something or is it some node error…? Plz hlp

You can’t create the loop from scratch with a hole in it. You need to first make the outside curves and then the inside curves are added by editing the curevs post creation.

Wondering how to edit do we have something like " Set filled region curves" …?? couldn’t find appropriate node

I recall seeing something about this but I can’t find it now. Out of curiosity, what is your end goal here? Looks like it might be masking for interior elevations. I’ve done simiar by creating a large C by removing one side of both the inner and outer loop and closing the gaps with two angled lines. I edited these manually, but you could try and automate the edit as shown here:

No success yet…! couldn’t extract model curve out of filled region,returns empty…!
I doubt the lines in filled region aren’t called model curve because its inside a annotation family or something like that…?


whats the API command for edit boundary?

Hi Saju,
it is a old topic but very interesting. The node does not work when there are inside curves because the sequence of the points is broken. the node expect the end of the first curve to be the beginning of the next. Yet no matter how many inner regions you have, the curves creating the outer region will be always at the end of the list. So by reversing the list, you ensure that the curves of the outer region are on top of the list. Taking the first item (Curve) and intersecting the geometry with the rest will result in a list of booleans where the last “True” item will be the last point of the curves of the outer region. These are the points you have to use to create the filled region.
I hope this helps