Featureline set elevation from surface not working


I am working on a building average grade script to capture the elevation along the corners of a building using a polyline to start. everything seems to work fine up to this point except the set elevation from surface. I am not sure why is not working. The feature line gets create and place on the drawing but when i check the elevations, everything is set to “0”.

Bldg-Average-Grade.dyn (21.4 KB)

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Because you haven’t set elevation. You’re missing input (relElevation).

I though the relative elevation input is use to dynamically link the featureline to a surface at the desire increment elevation you want.

You’re also missing boolean input(includeintermediate)

The relElevation was not the issue. It was the boolean input for the includeintermediate. I thought it had a default (false) already set on this node like many other nodes that includes a default for a boolean. Thank you Kulkul. It works now.