[CIVIL3D] Feature line atomatic grading between inserted break points

Hello, I’m looking for help about Civil 3D feature lines.
So basic idea is that I have feature line and points from survey, that defines feature line.
Question: Is there a way to automate grading (with same slope angle) between inserted elevation break points.
I know that you can do it using elevation editor, but if you have long feature line with many elevation break points its gets annoying to go through every time. I couldn’t find any information about feature line grading in Dynamo, maybe there is someone who can integrate some custom node about feature line elevation grading in Dynamo. It would be nice if Dynamo script could take elevations from closest survey points and define feature line elevations
Thanks !

@Cheer if I can ask, can you please provide more details about the task you are trying and also what you have done so far ?

It is better to attach a drawing
Explain what you want


@hosneyalaa @shahid.shaikh_C3D
So first of all I was grading feature lines like this:1

Which was slow and time consuming
But then I discovered that you can grade feature line using Elevation editor and its far more faster and easier:

So now I have question is there a way with Dynamo or Civil 3D tools, to give feature line elevation points and grade whole feature line automatic between inserted elevation points with constant grade slope.

My idea in Dynamo would be filter inserted elevation points with its specific station, and then somehow tell dynamo to grade from station with elevation to station with elevation with constant grade slope.

Hi @Cheer,

Have you taken a look at the nodes for Feature Lines in the Civil 3D Toolkit package?

Hi @Cheer, this should get you going, its just an attempt please feel free to amend or improve upon it.

Drawing1.dwg (901.6 KB)
Featureline_split&grade.dyn (71.0 KB)

At the moment i am creating new featureline but you can use toolkit as suggested above to update the elevation.