Family reference point dose not working

Hi There
I am new to Dynamo and I recently working on dynamic facade system, i created a triangle flatten based curtain panel for AL BAHAR TOWER panel , and i want to connect it to sun moment , the problem is dynamo dose not locate reference points correctly , i thought its scale problem , but when i connect points by geometry, they connected randomly not as triangular net as it should be !

I hope you can find out the problem… thanks for helping
and those are my attachments ^^ @JacobSmall @Konrad_K_Sobon

these is my script , i am prevented to post tow images at ones ^^

Hard to see what is happening here. Would help to have some test files.

hi jacob
i cant upload an attachment cuz i am new user , would you regardly give me your email ? @JacobSmall


You can upload in Dropbox or google drive and share the link here. Cheers!

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:fearful: did not cross my mind hhhhhhh thanks Kulkul