Some examples from learning dynamo function with revit 2019 and some not here is one example that function not

Hi @ladde50


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I have made the example from this


in this example the point in dynamo is at x0 y0 and z7.6 and when the coordinates is connected to referencepoint.bypoint is the point in revit also at x0 y0 and z7.6.
when i make the same my point in revit is at x0 y0 and z0 and when i move the number slider the point in revit does not move in z-direction that’s my problem

What does the ReferencePoint.ByPoint give for an output?

Location = (x=0,000, y=0,000, z=7,600) and then in green 33291


when i move the number slider this part of revit screen is flickering

this was made with 1.3.3 and i had the same result before with 2.0.2

can you share your dynamo graph?

please have a look at my first post i think that is it what you mean

i have test this with another pc with also revit 2019 and the result was the same the point pasted in revit at x0, y0, z0 while it’s moving in dynamo screen.

this looks like a units issue. You are moving your point up 6.8 mm (if your units are set to mm)?