Dynamo is not linket into the Revit model any more

Dear all,

Yesterday I was working on a definition for a model and today when I opened Revit and Dynamo, the dynamo file is not linked any more to the Revit model, as you can see it doesn’t show the points that I have in Dynamo as I was able to see yesterday. I have tried to select the surfaces again from Revit without success. Please can you help me with this problem?

I am pretty new with Dynamo and this is probably the reason of this issue…

Thanks in advance.




Hi Christian,

Your graph is not very legible. What is your end goal?
Are you working in a conceptual mass template? If so, the easiest way to re-create the geometry points in Revit is with the “ReferencePoint.ByPoint” node.

I already try it…seems doesn’t work

any issue for this…let me know


Hi @Edwin_Gunawan ,
is your problem the fact that the point doesn’t move when you change the values of the coordinates? This is likely to be a Unit thing. Make sure what units you’re working with. If it’s milimeters then it’s normal that you don’t see the changes in Revit because they’re too small.

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Further to what mostafa says, internally within revit it generally has all numbers saved as feet and the feet is saved within the “Value” part of a parameter/area but the value you visibility see depending on your project units you will see the “As Value String” part.

Therefore depending on your units you may need to divide/times your values by a factor to see the change.

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