Family Instance from Excel Points Placing in wrong Location

Trees.xls (15.5 KB)
FamilyInstance_wip.dyn (11.6 KB)

Hi All,

Im trying FamilyInstance.ByPointAndLevel but it’s placing in wrong location. Please see attached files for reference.

Thank you.

What are you expecting from List.MatchWithKeyValues? You’re giving a single value to a list of keys. Are you trying to get the family type with the matching name? You could try FamilyType.ByName.

hi Nick,

That doesn’t matter for now, just for the future if i want to map different types of families.

even this script doesnt work

From the looks of it you’re not getting any errors or warnings. Is your family hosted?

nope they are not hosted,
there’s no error on the graph, the problem is it’s placing too far from where it should be.

Revit File here
WIP.rvt (2.8 MB)

Ah. It could be a coordinates issue. Where are the coordinates coming from?

Extracted from Cad Blocks

I bet your coordinates don’t match between CAD and Revit. You could test this by linking your CAD file.

it’s already linked, and when check the coordinates for both they’re giving exactly the same information as shown in above image.

Have you tried converting units?

EDIT: Your coordinates are also all very close to each other. Maybe the issue is actually in the extraction of the CAD block coordinates.

Find your origin point in Revit and compare that to the origin point in autocad. Dynamo works off the origin. :wink: