Points By Coordinates Problem

Hi All,

Below is the graph that im using for family instance by point.
problem i think is the unit? or maybe the graph itself

In Dynamo environment it looks like this

but in revit it looks like this
result in revit

what do you guys think of the problem?
attached is the graph and sample files
points.xls (28 KB)

Revit File
Revit File

Thank you.

If you want to place families just use “FamilyInstance.ByPoint” node. Why are you using Point.ShiftCoordinates node?

hi kulkul, i tried that already but it’s just the same result

@interactiverendering it is units - if I change your Revit project units to Feet and Fractional Inches the elements are placed correctly, and are not if I revert back to mm. This works as a solution without having to change your Project Units:

EDIT: I might have spoken too soon :speak_no_evil: - this works to correct the point layout, but it also moves them very far away from the Project Base Point, there might be a better solution I’m not thinking of

Thank you. Yup it resolved the issue of point layout, now its the right location im looking at.

Does anyone know why the points show up in the Revit Model when I use the Point.ByCoordinates node?

My main question is how to get rid of these or make them invisible when plot?

Right Click on point node and remove Preview. Run again.

Thank you very much Nissal! It worked!