Place Family Instances by Coordinate from Excel

Hello Dynamo Community-

I began using Dynamo very recently. I’m trying to place multiple light fixture family instances in my model using coordinates contained in an excel file. To create this Excel file, I first created a graph to extract family instance locations from a First Revit model as points (see first image). I believe I was successful with this.

I then created a second graph to take this Cartesian information in the Excel file and place flight fixture families in a second Revit model. My intent is to place these new family instances at the same coordinates (see second image). This is where I am struggling. This second graph places the new family instances in a straight line beginning at the project origin along the x-axis. Can anyone help me understand what I need to do to place the family instances correctly in the second model?


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Hi @ljackson,

I’m pretty sure it’s related to the fact, that you haven’t inputted anything in your Y and Z values in the Point.ByCoordinates Node. Try extracting this information from your Excel-file and see how that turns out :slight_smile:

Thank you Martin. I’ve tried various connections and now I seem to be getting all three coordinates, but they are still in a straight (angled) line. I’m guessing some of node choices are wrong? Here’s where I’m at now

Could you possibly upload an image where the node previews are shown? Or even better would be your graph and excel file. This would make it a lot easier to helping with a solution :slight_smile:

I was out of town all last week and was unexpectedly off the grid so I couldn’t work on this, but I am back on this problem now.

Per Martin’s request I attempted to upload my graph and Excel file but this site displayed a dialog box stating “Sorry, new users cannot upload attachments”. I’m not sure what I need to do to get qualified for uploading so for now I’ll upload screenshots with node previews etc. while I continue to work through this. Again, thanks to all.

Here’s a screenshot of the Excel file that is pathed to the above graph. Note that I’m looking for a way to satisfy the file posting requirements for new users of this forum. I’d really like to provide more that will help others see exactly what I’m doing with my graph so far.

See attached graph. You need to split up the X Y and Z components to the point by coordinates input. One list for X, one for Y and one for Z. Try and see if this works the way you want it to. I prefer inserting familyinstances by point and level so that you can get material take off based on each level if you want.

Make sure to input the point node that corresponds best with your input Excel sheet.

PlaceComponentsFromPointList.dyn (14.9 KB)

If project coordinates of required elements are held within an Excel spreadsheet or similar, how can elements be placed on mass via a script, whilst taking into account Eastings & Northings and rotation?

I have a script which can place instance families using X & Y & Z, but not having applied project base point coordinates with rotation.