Family Instance By Point and level not working for level-2

Hi Every One,

I am using family Instance by point and level. It is working fine for level-1, but it is not working in the case of level-2. I have tried Spring node as well but same error is appearing. Please find the attached screen snip.

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It’s working from what I can see:

Assuming you want it hosted on level two, try changing the Z value to the elevation of the level.

Thank you for your reply @JacobSmall, as you suggest, I changed the Z-value (tried for many value) but nothing helping me.

My Project Idea:

  1. Create all the relevant elevation level for pump house.
  2. Use familyInstance to place the pump at the level.
  3. After fixing/selecting the pump, all other fitting item will be selected similar the pump.

Please some one help.

works for me

depending on your family, you might need to explicitly set the offset from the hosting level