Family Host Thickness

For hosted families, is it possible to report the host thickness without placing a reporting parameter in the family?

What I’d like to do is obtain the wall thickness, specifically the core value, that a door instance is placed. I feel like I’m close, but missing a step?

Hi David,

There are couple of things you need to modify. Good Luck!


Thanks for the help! I’m closer…just not sure how to finish! How would I assign the value in sublist 1 to each of the items in sublist 0? Essentially assign the value from the wall to each of the doors.

Use boolean for list.clean. Then list.count lacing to longest. After that use “Offrepeated items” node connect list.count to amount then connect list.flatten values to item. Finally use setparameter node.

Good Luck!

Let me know if you can do this else i will try to post for you workflow in about 8 hours from now.


I appreciate the help! I’m not sure I follow what you’ve said. I am going to keep trying, but when you have time, a little more clarity would be great!

David make below changes.




I’m following what you did, I just don’t think I would have known to use the nodes you did having not done this before! Thanks! One thing regarding the empty list. With what we did we essentially ‘deleted’ it, correct? So everything essentially moved up in the sublist. In this case that would be [3]. The doors that are the door list under [3] are pulling the wrong wall data now. [3] in the door list should be pulling the data from [4] in the wall list. Right? Would there be anything wrong with keeping the empty list? Or at least putting something there to hold its place?


I believe I got it to work. I removed the list.clean as I think it was messing up the list as I said in my previous post. Then again, maybe I’m missing something. Let me know! :slight_smile:

hi guys

a host family does not accept this what wrong this?