Door host wall type to door schedule

In order to help determine what window and door details I need to draw, I would like to see the wall hosting each door or window in my project. I have a start that seems to partially work, see screenshot.

However, there are a lot of doors not receiving the correct host wall type mark or none at all. A few that I checked:

  1. For a door’s “Host Wall Type” parameter that was not assigned a value, it was in a wall type with type mark and a different door in the same wall was assigned a value.
  2. Three doors in a curtain wall were assigned values for the wrong wall type.

My project’s walls and their respective type marks are not perfectly managed, but I was still surprised by the results.

So these two custom nodes are from Archi-lab_Grimshaw if I am not mistaken. We will need your sample file for this particular case. It’s almost impossible to know why certain doors don’t report their host properly without seeing it up close. Sorry.

The custom nodes are from the ClockWork and Springs packages (left and right respectively). Are one or both of those out of Archi-lab_Grimshaw?

If not, and you thought they were, does Archi-lab_Grimshaw have similar nodes I could try? Perhaps they work better.

Unfortunately, I can’t share our project file for confidentiality reasons (something I’ve encountered a number of times trying to troubleshoot and always cursed). Any ideas even without seeing the sample file? I’ll take anything.

For curtain wall doors, I am not sure what the host will be. Isolate that in a small example file and see what happens

OK, so I finally got back to this and did some simplified testing. I got the definition working with a controlled data set. It works for curtain walls and has some phasing functionality.

So I jumped into my main project and discovered a trip-wire: When I pull the Door Elements in, there are 328 items. The Clockwork “Element.Host” node only has 316 items, so I’m missing some items. Furthermore, the Clockwork “Element.Host” node has some items with “Empty List”, but the next node, the Clockwork “Element.Type” node fills in those items with a wall element!

For the empty list items, a few that I looked at are either in-place models or unhosted doors, so I can start to see the logic. However, I don’t know what the Element.Host and Element.Type nodes are doing to miss some of the doors. Any help would be appreciated!

NOTE: After some futzing around with the Clockwork nodes, I figured out that they replace exceptions with an empty list. So the Element.Host has some empty list items, then the Element.Type ignores the empty lists. By replacing the empty list with “null” I was able to carry the data through. I can’t use my phase filter bit, but it seems fairly accurate otherwise based on a handful of spot checks. Here’s the simplified version with the edited Element.Host and Element.Type set so that exceptions are set to “null”.


Thanks for sharing this! 7 years later and it helped me put together a script for us to something similar!