How to get host wall Thickness and Material(s) of Windows and Doors

I’ve been searchin half a day for an solution to get the material and the thickness of a wall to write it in a Family Parameter. iwant to get it in the Window / Door schedule.

Can somebody help me out - i have no idea how to. i’m a Kind of newbie in Dynamo (skriptkid - just copy n paste :smiley: )

Hi Enis,

To get wall materials and their widths (Thickness) use “FamilyType.CompoundStructureLayers” Node from Clockwork Package. Good Luck!


Hi Kulkul,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I Made the first step!

Now how can I Getparameter (Material) of the Hostwall and SetParam “Material Wall” (sharedparameter in Window family) which is in the host wall?

Seems quite hard for me to bring those together.

Don’t know how to start? List Funktion for all Windows, ? get ID of Window? and ID of Wall, if ID aof wall ist host wall, then Get / Set param?

Did not anyone needed this funktinon till now?


Thanks a lot for your replies!!

setparametervalue at the end. The input is your initial list of the doors/ windows. The data is the thickness you retrieved.


Getting and Setting is pretty thoroughly covered on the forums.