Extension dynamo revit to robot

I installed a structural design package, and it works correctly in Dynamo Revit, but it doesn’t work in Dynamo robot structural .
s there a possibility to view the scripts of a function so that I can then transfer them to Dynamo Robot? Thank you.

The Dynamo for Robot package can be added to the Dynamo for Revit packages directory, and then you can use the results of these to interact with Robot.

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I did it, but it’s not working yet. I tried to install the package in Dynamo Robot, but it doesn’t work either

Show your packages list in the library please. :slight_smile:

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robot library

revit library

robot library

Have you added the path to the robot package in your Dynamo for Revit packages list?


Here they are:

The window I mentioned in Revit works properly.but not in robot

To utilize the Revit toolset (Structural Design) you need to be in Revit. The results of that can be used to drive Robot as well. So the full working method would be:

  1. Launch Revit
  2. Launch Robot
  3. Open your Revit project (or a blank project)
  4. Open your Robot project (or a blank project)
  5. Launch Dynamo for Revit
  6. Build the frames using the Structural Design package.
  7. Analyze the designs using the Structural Analysis package.
  8. Save Dynamo, Robot and Revit before quitting or closing anything.
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There probably isn’t a solution to open it in Robot.

Correct. Been ages, but if I recall that package relies on the Revit API for some reason, and as there is one DLL for everything instead of one for the Revit content and one for the core content you have a ‘all or nothing’ package loading where you get all if you’re in a Revit context and the references load, or a nothing context for everything else. .