Dynamo to Revit from standalone Dynamo

So I’m trying to make a connection to Revit from a standalone version of Dynamo. Typically, I would open Dynamo through the add on tab in Revit however in playing with the Robot to Dynamo package, it only seems to continually talk to robot correctly when opened by itself. I’m learning Python and I know there is a way to get it into Dynamo through writing a python node, but I’m not that smooth with it yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated if anyone has made this connection before!


I’m not terribly familiar with the Robot workflows, but I can offer that there currently exists a restriction on the Revit side of things that Dynamo is required to run as an addin inside of Revit in order to have any access at all to a Revit project. The same restriction is enforced for all programs accessing Revit via the API.

I apologize if this is restating what you’ve already said but you’re telling me I can’t theoretically open Revit through a Python created program in Dynamo, to then get the information needed back in the way of families and geometry to be located and understood by Robot for a structural analysis within the Dynamo realm? This is because there is a restriction from Dynamo (or any other program) from getting typical information out of Revit that hasn’t been exported unless that program is operated from within Revit?

If that’s the case, I guess I need to pitch the Robot/Dynamo relationship in this instance and return to structural analysis within Robot through it’s relationship to Revit. I could control Revit through inner-Revit Dynamo, then run the structural analysis by way of importing that information to Robot from Revit and then updating Revit based on the results in Robot. I wonder if the Dynamo will update as well once the Revit has been altered with new families per direction of Robot.

What I’m after is the ability to alter a massing on the fly and have it concurrently be analyzed structurally.

Many Thanks!