Dynamo to Robot Structural analysis workflow RSA


Hi, I am probably following up an earlier workflow with Dynamo and Robot Structural Analysis.
Whilst I’m not completely sure there appears to be an issue when taking a surface, say by a list node to an anaytical panel conversion node required to move the geometry from Dynamo to Robot.

The interface between Dynamo and Robot is at best clunky and at worse ineffective, that may be harsh though.

To run the analysis workflow:

Dynamo intial geometry via Revit
Dynamo to Robot

Is any one else looking at a similar type of workflow?

I find that the geometry in dynamo, requires an additional step to make an analytical node and Revit requires that a further node is added to take the dynamo surfaces into Robot.

The reliability of working dynamo definition is also quite poor for transferring into Robot reliably sometimes the panels are visible sometimes they are not.

Dynamo def for those that are interested, you will need Robot to run. Please note that its only the geometry other attributes can be added material, section properties etc. Purely due to an easier process of generating loads etc in the analysis package.

U_Frame_NR_Rev_H_Analytical.dyn (758.9 KB)

Revit: my use of revit is just developing but is more focused on workflow than competence for me as the package has too much complexity, would appreciate comments from users following similar workflow paths.




My take is that RSA/REVIT are bidirectinally fully integrated so considering Dynamo part of Revit the workflow is complete. Of course there are certain things you cant expect revit/dynamo to do, for instance as the degree of complexity grows there are going to be errors, aborts etc. Its quite normal bcs the soft is a BIM platform not a conceptual tool. Myself i am only starting to experiment and already wish to throw in Rhino/Grasshopper…Dynamo/Revit/Robot
Kind regards