Structural Analysis for Dynamo

Hi everyone

I am working on the structural design and analysis by using Dynamo for Robot. I use Structural Analysis for Dynamo package. Unfortunately, sometimes this package doesn’t work, for example, the node to create supports doesn’t work and the drop-down menu is empty.


Have you checked the supported versions of Revit and Dynamo for that package against what you are running?

I’ve found that using strings is more robust, they’re just strings anyway :wink:
There is a requirement for the RSA to be started prior to dynamo as well

I’ve updated both Revit and RSA to 2020 and I’m using Dynamo 2.1 and the latest version of the Structural Analysis Package which is 2.0.1. Appreciate if you could let me know how can I fix it?


Thanks Jon for your reply and advice, actually I am using string to create lines and curves, but I haven’t tried string to create support because I found using nodes to do so is much easier but sometimes doesn’t work. Can I use Code Block to use string and create supports? or I have to use Python? I will try it.


As long as your naming is correct you can use strings, for good measure I usually have a little python node creating my supports in robot prior to assigning them :slight_smile:

thanks Jon.