How to Link Dynamo and Robot Structural Analysis?

I am using Robot Structural Analysis and trying to link it to Dynamo. I cannot find an icon or a link in Robot to open the Dynamo application (e.g., in add-in menu). I will appreciate if you can help me out to link these two. Thank you in advance.

I think about: dynamo -revit 2015 - robot

Thank you Anton. My problem is how exactly I can link Dynamo and Robot. The Robot node developers did not show it on both tutorials available on Youtube.

From Dynamo install the package “Structure Analysis for Dynamo”, then look for the sample files on C:\Users\you\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo.7\packages\Structural Analysis for Dynamo

Thank you Amin. The problem is if you only open the Dynamo file you get errors. I should open the Dynamo application from the Robot Structure application first and then open a sample file I guess. But I don’t know how to open the Dynamo application from Robot.




You have to open the dynamo standalone application

C:\Program Files\Dynamo 0.7\DynamoSandbox.exe

Yes, but I have to link these two.

The way I’ve been using it is opening standalone Dyanmo then opening the robot program and starting a new project. When running the script in Dynamo, it populates and updates the robot file.

I now need Dynamo to talk to Revit for what I’m working on and I cannot find a way to do that through the standalone version.


You don’t have to be in a stand alone version. Just make sure that you have the old version of Dynamo (I think they built it for 0.7.4), once you have that it doesn’t matter if you fire it up with Revit in the background or not.