Robot and dynamo connection

I have recently installed a structural analysis package for Dynamo. I try to connect it with Robot but it doesn’t work. Dynamo starts to an infinite process of work and Robot shows an only black view screen.

Can you help me to solve this problem, please?

Sounds weird for me whats happening.
Can you provide us your program versions and the packages you are using? (because i don’t know where ‘Frame.ByWidthHeights’ is coming from.
and to even make it easier to check for us, can you attach your revit/dynamo file(so we don’t have to rebuild your graph).

In my opinion it’s maybe goiing wrong because you don’t have any inputs on the ‘Frame.ByWidthHeights’.
i checked my own robot and revit and analytical bar by lines works fine for me. Are you sure that the output of the node is lines?

Gr Edward

@1234eddie Thank you for your response.
It doesn’t really matter if I use a costume or original nodes, I have the same result in both ways. I have the last versions of all packages and Dynamo.
I can upload Dynamo file, but it is just new file and I don’t think it will give some information


I don’t know why it’s happening. i’m working still with 2020 version of revit and robot.
But what i know is that they are working on the dynamo extension for robot 2021. see this link
I would suggest you to ask your question also on the robot structural analysis forum and tag ‘okapwal’ and ‘gwizdzm’. they may know more.

or maybe @JacobSmall know who of the team members can help you with your problem.

It looks as a problem with cooperation between Dynamo Revit and Structural Analysis for Dynamo package. We did a few tests and problems occurs only when Dynamo Revit is used. The package work fine with Dynamo Sandbox 2.5.0 and 2.8.0 and with Dynamo Extension for Robot Structural Analysis. Deeper investigation from our side is necessary.

@gwizdzm, Thank you for your answer.
Yes, you are right. The problem was only when I used Dynamo for Revit. I do not really need to use Revit for my project, so Dynamo Sandbox was the solution to my problem.
Thank you for your help.