Exporting the Revit system browser in Excel


I am a very fresher on the use of Dynamo and I was wondering if anybody would give a suggestion on how to get started in the creation of a script which would allow the system browser of the Mechanical, Electrical and Piping systems to be exported in an Excel file. Thanks a lot.

Have you tried searching the forums to see if there is anything close to what you are trying to do?

Hello Tom,

I have tried to look for “exporting data to excel” so to generalize a bit the context of my purpose, but I did not succeed in that. Do you have some websites where I can look at?


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I have been able to create a schedule with the parameters visualized in the system browser and then, running a dynamo script, I could export those data in excel. However, the excel file visualizes me the pipings connected only, me I need the unassigned as well. So my problem now is, how to export the unassigned as well.

Can you provide a screen capture of your work or even upload it? It would be helpful to those that are willing to help to see where you are.

Hello Tom,

yes I attach it here. This is an example of my situation, where I have 37 unassigned elements in the electric system.

Thanks again

I succeded to export the mechanical system, as visualized in the system browser by making a schedule. However, I would like to know why the air conducts flow is not expressed in L/s. For example, take the first row of the Revit schedule:
(see red circles in my screenshot).

Thanks to all the Dynamo community