Exporting Revit Electrical Panel Schedules to Excel

Looking for a script to export panel schedules from Revit to Excel

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks so much

@j.thomas I do have the script but the output in Excel does not look the same as in Revit the way the panel schedules look.

thats okay! Thank you!

@j.thomas do you know if there are nodes in Dynamo which could make the graphic appearance of the nodes look the same as a panel schedule in Revit?

no I do not. you said that you have the script?

yes I do have the script… I am looking for node recommendations for it to appear graphically the same way they would appear in Revit.

Im looking for just the script. I have no idea about how to make it the same i assume it is impossible.
professional third party apps that transfer data cant even do it

would you be able to share your script?