Excel Spreadsheet is Empty when exporting Revit schedule with Dynamo

I apologize if this has been brought up before.
When using Dynamo to export schedules out to excel, sometimes the spreadsheet comes up blank as shown below. The data is exported out though. What is weird, after this happens, trying to open that spreadsheet or any other spreadsheet by directly clicking on the file, all of them come out blank. The only way to see the data is by opening excel first and then open the file from within excel. Usually after doing that, excel goes back to working normally and you can open a file and see the data by directly clicking on the file. Attached is my script.

Export Multiple Selected Schedules to Excel.dyn (48.7 KB)

Hi @staylor ,

It seems like this is more of an Office problem rather than a Revit/Dynamo problem.
Perhaps an Office Installation reparation may fix your issue(s).

Try to export your data with Data.OpenXMLExportExcel node.

Which package carries that node?

Built-in for Dynamo 2.12 in Revit 2022. You can also export in csv for test and convert it in Excel.

Okay. Company is still using 2020 and 2021, depending on who we are contracting with. So would need a fix for those versions also. It doesn’t happen all the time, so it’s more of an annoyance than an issue.
Thanks for the feedback.

Hi @staylor …i had the same issue comes and go for some reason…anyway now i just use bumblebee without any issues

thanks for the response @sovitek. I will give that a try. Marking your response as the solution.

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Noting the XML nodes have some pretty big issues such as not knowing how to read date time data properly (it reads them as numbers).

I built some nodes in Crumple to deal with this in Python with some code by Cyril Poupin. Maybe try those out if Bumblebee doesn’t quite fit.


Thanks for the heads up @GavinCrump

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