Exporting Revit Geometry from Dynamo

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if there is something in the works to allow for exporting different file types from Revit via Dynamo.

I was able to export an FBX from dynamo, but unfortunately due to material data encryption, I would have to go through 3Dmax to get any decent material properties ( I really don’t care for textures, just care for polygonal material assignment). I also don’t care for the format. While FBX with material assignment would be ideal, I can live with an OBJ, or a Collada exporter. I know that both exist for Revit as Add-ins, but the point is to avoid using the revit interface and instead export a view, or several views, by just hitting “RUN” in Dynamo. Thus I was wondering:

  • if anyone had come across a .dll for a zero touch library import for exporting obj, or collada
  • if there is anything in the works for the Dynamo core.
  • if it is possible to use/manipulate/trigger the Revit Addin from within Dynamo.
  • if anyone can provide info as to how I can create such an exporter for Dynamo
I'd appreciate any help any one can offer!


PS : the free objExporter by inglegreen for Revit is fantastic.

Hi Jawad,

How were you able to export to FBX from Dynamo? Did you make a custom Python node or other method?

If you are jsut looking for polygonal models, you can use the STL export, which tesselates the resolution set in Settings>Render Precision.

We are in the early stages of looking at a mesh library, initial stabs at this are around import of OBJ

Can you say a little more about what you are trying to do? What is the end result you are trying to achieve (not software outcome, but design product) and what other tools you are ideally passing data to and from?

Hello Zach,

Thank you for your reply! Indeed, exporting the FBX from “within” Dynamo --sorry if I made it sound like I was exporting Dynamo Geometry-- was done using a custom Python node using the document.export function. I was able to export Dynamo Geometry as FBX as well , but after importing into Revit first.

Per your suggestion, I tried the STL export. Here are some of the problems I have with it:

  1. - it exports the model as a single piece, all the objects are combined in one polygonal welded mesh basically.
  2. - it does not contain any material assignment. ( again I'm bringing Revit geo. to Dynamo and then exporting)
  3. - it is not a Node, thus will require few clicks to make it work instead of just hitting "Run"
  4. - it is not a Node, thus I cannot be selective about what to export.
It is nice to hear that you are looking at mesh libraries. Do you know what is the goal of such a library? is it to import/export polygonal data specifically for manipulation? or could it be used for further visualization (contain material assignment) in an external rendering software for example?

It is hard to explain the design product without going too much into details which I cannot share publicly at the moment.

Lets just say that the outcome I’m shooting for is:

  1. - exporting a Revit Model (the whole model or part of it using 3DViews) with material assignment ( not textures ).
  2. - The Revit Model needs to be in pieces (objects, and families), thus objects can retain their IDs for further Query if needed.
  3. - The most important part is that it needs to be done in Dynamo, and with a single click of the "Run" button.
  4. - It is more of an automation problem rather than a Dynamo specific problem. Since Dynamo speaks nicely with Revit, and it can control the parameters of Revit objects, I think its the best way to go about solving the problem.

I hope that explains parts of what I’m trying to do.


ideas? anyone ?

Don’t know if this one ever got answered? My interest would be in exporting to nwc. Searching the model for any views containing Navisworks and then exporting to nwc. Is this possible? Thanks in advance!

Hi Jawad, Sorry, lost track of this one . . . hope this is still helpful. Try out the MeshToolkit from the package manager. This allows you to create and manage seperate solids as meshes for export to obj. The example I am showing here structures the export as a different file for each mesh. You can read more about the capabilities of the Mesh Toolkit on the DynamoPrimer: http://dynamoprimer.com/10_Packages/10-2_Mesh-Toolkit.html

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