Revit -> Dynamo -> Unity

We were wondering if Dynamo can take over the functionality of SIMlab Composer 9?

Workflow (see fig. 1)

Is this possible?

I found the following workflow online.
RVT -> SIMlab -> Unity

Thanks in advance!

The answer is most probably no (although happy for someone to correct me)
One option would be to use Navisworks, which can import dwfx and export fbx

or (obviously) if you are starting off in Revit as your diagram suggests- you just export FBX directly from Revit

Unfortunately, the FBX export from Revit is too limited.

When exporting from Revit (FBX format) the link between the objects and the textures disappaers.

In this thread they recommend the free twinmotion exporter to export fbx with materials:

You can download this plugin from here:


Thanks !