Managing Sheets in Revit

I am new to dynamo. I have used google to try and figure out my problem but am not getting the correct feedback.

I am using revit 2014 dynamo (Up-to-date).

I am trying to manage my sheet parameters with excel and then dump back the excel data into revit. I am able to get all of the parameters (sort of) from my sheets that I am looking to edit out of revit into excel. My major issue is getting the information back into revit. I am getting an error that says my data is not a number. So I figure this is an excel cell issue so I formatted the cell to text, with no luck and I have also tried general with no luck as well. This leads me to believe that it is a dynamo or python language issue that is reading the cell as a number even though it is not.

My question is how do I make the data in dynamo not a number? Is there a node for that?


I found that there is a Number.ToString node part of the spring node package. I am trying to update my dynamo and will report back if I can make it work.

If there is another way please let me know. I am stuck on revit 2014.