Creating a filter in Revit doesn't work with the "Sheet Number" parameter

I’m trying to create a filter in Dynamo for all views on a cetrain sheet, so I don’t have to do it manually.
I want it to search for the sheetnumber and then delete all sections that are not placed on that sheet.

The problem is that the script is working with “View Name” and “Sheet Name” but not with “Sheet Number” (the one I need). Also added another strange thing - maybe it helps to clarify - that it’s also important how the parameter is obtained.

Can’t upload multiple images, so here it is as one big screenshot:

  1. So first option, get “Sheet Name” from the category “Sheet”, not working.
  2. Now try to get it from an Element, it’s working now!
  3. Try to get the “Sheet Number” instead of “Sheet Name” (names can be the same, numbers can’t in my project, so I really need it) Not working while doing the same:
  4. Even when the parameter isn’t empty:

So why is “Sheet Name” working, while you can’t do the same with “Sheet Number”? Saw something came up with a difference between a type and an instance parameter?

Best option for now is th create it wrong, and then change the parameter after running the script. I can’t find how to change the filter in Dynamo. Then at least Dynamo added the filter to all views, so I only have to change it (1 time) to get it working on all views.

ps. It’s not that it’s not possible in Revit, it’s a normal option in the filter creation.

Can I kick this? No one with a clue?