Missing Values

Hi All,

My name is Brendan and I’m new to the world of Dynamo and programming, so I am trying to achieve some relatively simple things to learn. But I have a strange issue.

I have successfully generated an in Revit sheet set with title blocks, sheet names, sheet numbers and another custom parameter from data contained in Excel. It all seems to work well.

However when I reverse the flow and try to extract that same information out of Revit into Excel, the sheet numbers parameter only reports some of the values, leaving the others as just blank spaces (see attached image). What am I doing wrong here, I’m fairly sure this wasn’t happening yesterday. Its like the values don’t exist?

Any help will be great.






Your screenshot is pretty hard to read. Are you using the sheet.number node or get parameter value?

Hi John,

Sorry about the file size. Realised after I posted it but I couldn’t edit it for some reason, will post it as a link next time.

Thanks for your help!

I was using the get parameter value node, which was the problem. I have changed it to the sheet number node and now things are all working perfectly.

Nwo to see what other useful things I can get it to do.

Thanks again.