Export multiple excel files

Hello, I’m trying to figure out on how to export multiple excel sheets at once. Attached is what i have so far. I have created a list of “Assemblies” that have fabrication parts in them. What my current graph does is merge and export everything that’s checked, i’m wanting to hit check all have a excel file for each “Assembly”. Any idea on how to achieve this?

image BOWS Export V.2 breaking up spools.dyn (157.1 KB)

@jes.gonzalez I can’t open your file. it crashes REvit. What Revit/Dynamo version are you using?

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I had a look at the script, and I think the Bumblebee package might be what could solve this - it has superior writing abilities to OOTB nodes.

Konrad Sobon has a good section in his wiki about this;

Revit 2018.3
Dynamo Core
Dynamo Revit

@salvatoredragotta My friend had a hard time opening it as well, his work around was to open another session then close then open the script. Is there a way to run an audit or anything that can help out with bugs?

@GavC what are the OOTB nodes? Is it a package? I tried searching for it and couldnt find any information.

Apologies, shorthand for ‘Out of the box’ - comes with the base install of Dynamo.

Bumblebee is a custom package, however it makes the default ‘Export excel’ and ‘Import excel’ nodes are relatively inferior in most aspects.

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Still havent been able to figure it out.
I think i just need to be able to sort the list by assembly name and figure some way for them to export in different excel tabs. This is what i have so far.TEEESSSTTTTTBOWS Export V.2 breaking up spools - Copy.dyn (161.5 KB)

@jes.gonzalez See attached for script and output samples that achieve data on separate sheets (using Bumblebee);

BB Sample.dyn (22.7 KB) BB Sample.xlsx (34.3 KB)