Exporting to multiple sheets in a single Excel Export

I’m trying to combine 2 different excel export graphs into a single graph by way of 2 different sheetnames under the shared single new excel file path. They previously worked as 2 independent dynamo graphs exporting to 2 different excel files. When I try to combine them into one graph that exports to 2 different sheets within the same new excel file, only one sheetname gets created.
I tried doing combining the two of them into 1 consolidated sheet using list.join but that didn’t work either. Please see below. Any guidance from the community is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Revit2016_Dynamo1.3_ExportDWGLinksImportsList RevitLinks_toExcelWithoutOpeningRvt.dyn (18.3 KB)

Hi @daniel.tran,

The Passthrough node from Clockwork allows you to decide the order of the operations.

Solution 1 = 2 Sheets :

ExportDWGLinksImportsList RevitLinks_toExcelWithoutOpeningRvt Solution 1.dyn (27.4 KB)

Solution 2 = 1 Sheet :

ExportDWGLinksImportsList RevitLinks_toExcelWithoutOpeningRvt Solution 2.dyn (23.0 KB)


Solution 1 = 2 Sheets worked for me!!!
Thanks so much

quick question: In Solution 2=1 Sheet, what is the code block node with " "; for?
Why wouldn’t you just have the 2 lists going into the List.Join node?

The codeblock adds a blank row to separate the CAD and Revit files in the Excel worksheet.

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You can use a Bumblebee package like so:

That will write the values to two (2) sheets at the same time without having to access the Excel file twice.


This works great! If I’m creating new worksheets with new names, is there a way to delete the default worksheet called “Sheet1”?