Exporting ALL element and family parameters with their UniqueID's to excel

Hello everyone,

First of all this is my first post and I would like to thank you all for the efforts that you are making on this forum. It helped me a lot until now in starting with Dynamo and automating tasks in Revit.

Now for this particular problem, I explored for a few days the forums and I did not find any topic that could solve it.

What I am trying to do is to get all parameters from Revit for all elements, but assigned to their uniqueID’s.
I managed to do this for the element parameters, but I am stuck at family parameters. I can get them out but I do not find a a way to assign them to each unique ID with the rest of the parameters.

Please keep in mind that I am just a structural engineer, relatively new to Dynamo, and I do not have a background in programming.
Thank you all in advance and I apologize if I made any mistakes in this post.

Use Element.ElementType or Element.ElementType+ (clockwork) to get to the family parameters.
From there you can use most of the above graph.
If you would write the UniqueId of a family type to an element, you could use that to lookup the families parameter values in excel.
read up about relational databases

Thank you very much for the answer, and also for the Tip.

I will post the result once it is done.

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