Export colored surface on revit

Hi, I have a question. If I create a surface in dynamo which is planar to a wall, it is possible to give it a certain color and export it on revit as an “hatch” or something?

That is an option, yes, but what are you trying to accomplish? There might be a better solution such as applying paint to the surface or overriding the color.

So the idea is to divide the walls into panels and give to them different colors depending on the type of structural failure, according to a legend

OK. So the most import question is: How do you intend to interact with this information? Does it need to be modeled or just visible somewhere? Can it be shown in a single view or do the “panels” need to appear throughout the entire project? These decisions will help determine the best solution.

I assume you’re not actually creating panels, but just visually dividing the surface. This means you don’t have any modeled elements to deal with, hence drawing a filled region. Filled regions are view specific, so if you intend to show them in multiple views it may not be the best option. However, if you’re going to have one view per wall, this could work nicely. Creating a “panel” family to place could be an option as well. With a family, you could build the visibility and controls into types (or just conditions) and merely set a value. They would also show in multiple views so you’d only have to place them once per wall.

Maybe a panel family could be a nice option because I would like to see it in all the views. Could you please explain me how to do it? :slight_smile:

If the dimensions have to change you could make it adaptive, but if they’re standard you can stick with a “basic” family. I would put as much information in the family as possible. Create a family type for each failure and apply a type-based material with the color already applied. Then your Dynamo script would only have to set the family type for each panel in order to change the appearance in all views.