Coloring per modelled type


I’ve been searching the internet for a while. Saw some examples but they wont work the way I want them too. I want to visualize all drawn walls in Revit per type. So far I can only visualize walls per instance (image 1).

In my example i got 170 walls in the project, Dynamo is coloring every wall another color. I want them colored per type.

Can someone push me in the right direction?

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Guess if you group your types they will get the same colors :slight_smile: can’t see your nodes because the picture is not zoomed in enough :wink:

Hi @Jaap,

When you look at your chart, you are trying to paint 170 walls with the colors determined by 37 species. But in the end you have 37 colors. I’ve done your editing from the start. Please review.

@Jonathan.Olesen The most important point is to group in this case.

I see, it worked, thanks! Unfortunately the project got 37 different type. Wich makes the contrast between the walls not as desired.


If the problem is resolved, mark the issue as resolved.
You can specify the colors.

I know, that was why i suggested it :wink:

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Define the colors yourself then, instead of building a range.

Got it completely working now. You are also able to filter the walltype/floortype, etc, in Dynamo Player. For those who are interested see below.

Hoeveelheden visualisatie Nl-SfB incl pattern.dyn (35.4 KB)



Congrats on getting it working…

When I do these kinds of plans I drive the Colour Overrides from View Filters (from View Templates) based on Type Marks (or something similar).

I worry that in your View, when someone changes a Wall Type it’s Colour only updates If you re-run your Dynamo graph.

Hope that’s of interest,


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