Surface color gradient in revit

Hi guys¡¡ Does anyone know how can i create a color surface gradient in revit using dynamo?? i don´t want to divide the surface in different surfaces…i would like to have a continuos surface but with a gradient color, anyone knows how can we do that?

Thank u so much

In Revit, I can only find this under Procedural maps, which are material properties. Not sure it could be set through Dynamo (but with Python maybe)…




yeah @Kulkul but with this node i only display color in dynamo or also in the revit view?

@JAVIER_FQG similar topic is discussed here Extract face material information

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You can use the PointAnalysisDisplay functions to display coloured points in Revit.
With enough points you could map an image to a surface :slight_smile:


I solved the problem using the node of face analysis display by view and face analysis data…it works perfectly

Thank u guys

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Could you also send a screenshot?

Yeah i would like to see that too