Export Colors to Revit Drafting View

Hi All

I’m working with a generic grid made up of quads which have colors applied to them by an image.
The intention is to use this method to develop tiling layouts for our building as we have large areas to tile. The point is to cut down the time taken to do this by using dynamo.
is the a way of exporting the colors to a drafting view? If not what work around would you suggest.
Please see dyn file and test image attached.
Thanks in advance. Test_Image on Surface.dyn (41.8 KB)

maybe creating colored filled regions?

Filled Regions or Detail Item families come to mind. You can map the Dynamo panels to XY points in the Drafting view. Using a detail item family would allow you to set and adjust panel dimensions as well.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll try that but I’m not exactly sure how to do it.
Will you be able to modify my dyn file?
Much appreciated.

I don’t have the package containing the quadpoint node, but it looks like you are generating lists of 4 points based on the master grid, and generating individual surfaces based on the points. Following that, you color the points.

Family route, you would take the midpoint of each surface, scale it as needed for your drafting view, then drop a family in and change some parameters to make it look correct.

Filled region route, you would take the curves you’ve already generated to make filled regions in the drafting view. Then you’d feed the same color list you’re using in the dynamo environment.

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Thank you! I’ll test and revert.

Thanks so much!
Works like a charm.