Exclude walls from script


I need help regarding this problem I am facing. I made a script the purpose of which was to give coordinates at the edges and at 6’ from the edge and extracted the coordinates of the corner points at all the edges(red points). i have uploaded the image for reference.

the problem I am facing is I want to exclude the edges that may have walls on them. what changes I should make in this script that the edges having walls should be excluded and only unguarded edges coordinates are extracted to excel. sharing the script for reference.

1.3 Hazardous zones


I would extract the wall solids (watch for any that fail, curtain walling will be more complex)… check ‘does intersect’ (you’ll have to use cross lacing) with the edge curves? And then ‘list contains’ ‘true’ . Then you can ‘boolean filter’ to get only the ones that return false?

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1.3 Hazardous zones.dyn (113.3 KB)
i am also sharing my script for reference

i did like this. but the problem is i made 3 walls that were intersecting the curve but it only shows 2 walls.

even by doing this… i only get true two times even though i have 3 walls. am i making any mistake?


I think this is what you are after? Note the cross lacing, the order of what is being intersected and levels…

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tried your solution but 3 walls that are intersecting the lines are on 2nd floor which z should be equal to 10 but its selecting the right curves but wrong elevation.

please share this script.