Find intersecting/overlapping walls


I’ve been struggling with a script that highlights walls that intersect/overlap eachother.

One of the issues I’ve encountered is that the script also highlights walls that simply touch eachother (but do not overlap). This is the case for the bottom two elements in the picture, these should not be highlighted. One solution I’ve played around with is finding the volume of the difference between the element solids (so how much material is overlapping), and if it’s = 0 then the walls should not be highlighted. I cannot get this to work, and it turns into a very heavy script as well as soon as the amount of walls increase…

Another issue is the sheer amount of calculations/checks the script does. It works fine for a small project, but I need it to work on a project with more walls (think 100+).

Any ideas/help appreciated :slight_smile:



Could you mark post as solved or reply to your previous topics before we answer to this topic. Thanks!

I have now, thank you. The reason behind not doing it yet, is that mostly I moved on from the problems. The posts now marked as the solution was the ones who got me closest to the result i wanted (at the time).