ExcelToRevit modificated schedule not importing properly

Hi everyone,

I am trying to make export/import dynamo scripts for Schedules, that are created in Revit. Export is working properly, however I am struggling with Import. When I modificate data in exported excel file and trying to import it back, some of the rows, stays even unmodificated and other ones are modificated, but with very strange (to me unknown) sequence. (even if i see parameters in Watch node, as it should be imported, in final phase, it is not imported).

Do anybody have any experience, how i could this mistake solve? (i am trying to solve this for a nearly 3 days and tried really much options and packages).

…Generally, in exported Excel file I just copyed and pasted Element ID data to the another Column called SKD_column_code and trying to import it back, with this parameter filled…Skd_column_code is a shared text parameter.

I had also created the same script for wall schedule and its working properly, (SEE ATACHMENT NO. 1) hovewer in wall script i have element, in node where i am setting ParametersByName node for ELEMENT TYPES

In columns schedule i do have a CATEGORIES (since in element types, there are no structural columns) - SEE ATT. NO 2) and use the node for family types is for me also pointless since i have more than 70 column families inlcuded in schedule and i would have to make 70 nodes for family types…

Imported modificated revit schedule:

I would greatly appreciate every advice, that could possibly help me!
Thanks in advance!

If you are working with family types use the Element.ElementType node after the “all elements of type” node
It selects the family type from the instance

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