Excel.WriteToFile gives null value even after boolean filtering mask

I am experiencing this problem with Write to Excel script for Dynamo.

I have joined several lists, and before that I filtered them with Boolean filter because I wanted to delete the empty cells in the excel.
As you see in the watch of “List Join” everything is working fine and there are no “null” parameters, but suddenly when I use the Excel.WriteToFile appears again the lists with “null” value.

Have no clue why.

Put a ‘Watch Node’ before your Excel Data - after your Add Item to Front.

Hi Inscrip,
As you can see in the screenshot the result is different for no reason (to me).

Hi @pietrofrapoli,

This is logical because you enter lists of different lengths in WriteToFile.
The node adds null values ​​to equalize the lists.

You can also use Write Excel from BumbleBee package.


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Yes @Alban_de_Chasteigner
I also realized the problem is the length of the list.
To solve that problem I need to filter the elements being analyzed by Dynamo: to do that I need to select only the elements whose given parameter (for example “PROFILO”) is different than empty (or null), so that the list will be the same length.

Any Idea how I can do it?