Stupid enough, i cannot get Dynamo to read the most basic Excel file.

The file is an Excel 2013 format and there’s only 1 sheet named… List. Any idea is more then welcome :slight_smile:



Nevermind, posting made me realized that i was missing the File.FromPath ahahahah

Hopefully it ill help someone :slight_smile:


Yeah, but this is a great point. The warning isn’t helping you at all there. I put this in the development backlog.


I disagree. Warning clearly states that “one or more of the input types are not matching, please check that the right variable types are being passed to the inputs.” It cannot be any clearer that you are passing it a wrong input type. On top of that the input is called “file” which is exactly what the output of FileFromPath node is. I would disregard this.

What would be helpful though if warning instead of saying that “Couldn’t find a version of ReadFromFile that takes arguments of type(string, string)”, if it was saying what type it actually expected instead would help narrow down the mistake. Example: “Couldn’t find a version of ReadFromFile that takes arguments of type… Please supply argument types (file, string)”. Something that would state what the node is expecting since there is no SDK for Dynamo yet, and sometimes it gets confusing as to what arguments need to be passed in and in what format. Great example is NurbsSurface method that expect a typed ArrayArray for its control points input…who the hell knows that?


I am having this problem as well, but even after reading your solution, I don’t know why. Could you explain what you changed, or post the corrected version?


Mine looks like this:


So I was watching a video from October, and following his moves exactly, and I was getting the above error. On rereading your post I realized that I may have a newer version, and some functionality may be separated out. Searched for “file” and found the “File.FromPath” node. The video didn’t include the File.FromPath node, so I didn’t realize I needed it.