Excel not installed error :/

Hi everyone,

Im trying to create some points with excel in dynamo. I dont have excel installed, but I tried to use google spreadsheets instead and download the excel format. Now dynamo is showing me the error: excel not installed.

Does excel really need to be installed on my computer to read this file, if so why is that?

Thank for your help.

Yes. This is because excel uses a whole bunch of code to read and write the data to xlsx format. It’s just like how you need Revit installed to read Revit data via Dynamo.

Try saving as a .csv instead, as there are nodes for that which don’t require any other installations.

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Hi, @antonvandeloo @JacobSmall

Did you success to resolve this question? I have no idea about this same question on my computer.
I have excel in my computer, the version is 2016. my Dynamo version is 2017.
I tried to save as .csv and .xls, however, it is not working…

Data.ImportCSV is the alternate node for Excel. (Input MUST be .csv format)
Browse for this node in the community. You will surely get it. @x791220 :slight_smile:

Post new topic if you are still facing any issue with graph and error message

HI @Nissal

Thanks for your suggestion. I will post a new topic.
Byt the way, I ignore that post is the wrong input on yesterday. That is another test. I have tried to use .csv function to do it, is succeeded. however, the Excel file is still can’t.

what error does it display?

the error is Warning: Excel.ReadFromFile operation failed.
Excel is not installed.
but I really have excel in my computer.
Excel version is 2016. Dynamo is 2017.


Refer to this post. Excel.ReadFromFile operation failed
I’m not sure if that technique would work.
Highlight your problem to dynamo dev team

I’d also check the GitHub for issues around excel. Lots of good ‘oh man who did we even get excel into that state’ solutions there.