Read from excel not working

Hi Guys, I dont know why this read from excel node is not working. I am currently using dynamo 1.3.4. Please note, that I cant upgrade to dynamo 2.0 because it breaks all of my scripts. So please advise. thanks.


I had that problem, too. Can you try to delete the node and create a new one? Don’t connect the Boolean…

The same thing keeps happening

There might be a problem at Registry… Please check that topic.

Usually this has been due to an excel issue. Try restarting the CPU and see if that fixes it. Also, can you confirm what version of excel you’re using?

Gonna have to do this eventually - might want to start prepwork.

Does the workbook name match what the sheet name is looking for in the node?

I am using Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus. Excel doesnt seem to want to give me a year version. I assume it is the most recent version.

32 or 64 bit?


Looking further into this, it appears that you may be running into an AV/ASW issue, perhaps based on a security update somewhere in the system (ie: could be your sytem preventing an excel call via 3rd party if you’re not already authenticated).

Are you able to open excel directly without issue? Does the result change if you pre-open the file.