Help with this easy dynamo. data.importexcel

I have uploaded a dynamo, where there is only one operation. Indeed, is the first part of a more complexed file. I do not know why it doesn´t work. Any comment would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @natalia.sagasti

Could you please drop here dyn file and excel file?

By the moment, i can´t because i am a beginner in the forum.

Upload files in dropbox, Google drive or similar and share the link here.

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In this link is saved the excel and dynamo file

Works for me:

Do you have excel file open before you run? If yes make sure you close excel file before you run.

Thank you for the verification.

It still doesn´t work, with excel opened and excel closed.

I have noticed that i have two notifications. I don´t know this is related with the problem.


Try removing all Revit add-ins, restart your system, and see if that resolves the issue with the excel node.

What version of Office/Excel do you have?

I have istalled the new version of dynamo 2.03, but still does not work.

I have tried in another computer and it works.

I do not know the reason

What version of office?

This script also works for me Natalia, maybe one of your Dynamo Packages and/or Revit Add-Ins bugs Dynamo.

Office 365 2016.

I think it is related with the installation of the Office (Excel).

32 or 64 bit?