Error in "Create Butterfly Geometry" Node

Hello, seeking Butterfly for Dynamo users!

I am having an error with the Butterfly Package outdoor analysis file, with an error in the first Butterfly node saying: “Warning: List indices must be numeric” - I haven’t seen any past posts about this.

I have ensured my VM is running.
OpenFoam version is of_plus_1612
Revit 2019 Dynamo
Butterfly 0.1.1

Try either using a Geometry.Explode or a List.Create node on the cuboid before passing it into the nodes’s geometry input.

hi robert, I met the same problem, did you figure it out?

Thanks Jacob, I’ve tried this a few different ways with no success. Any other ideas?

I’m also getting a similar error that’s resulting in an “Empty List”

I have downloaded the Butterfly Primer and plan on a bigger dive into it later. Think it was 560 pages… asking the ladybug team directly might get you the answers faster.

Same here. Hope you can find the solution soon.