Honeybee analysis grid problem

I am regular grasshopper Honeybee user and I am trying for the first time to perform daylight analysis on Revit Dynamo.
I am building the code for daylight factor analysis and I am stuck on the analysis grid component due to the following error message:

Does anybody have ecountered the same issue?
@Mostapha any idea to fix it?

Thanks in advance

At first glance it looks like the developer of the package have not yet updated it to work with dynamo 2.0

Do you mean that Honeybee package may not be fully compatible with Dynamo 2.0?:roll_eyes:

Yes, that is what I read from the error, but I might be wrong, you could try tagging the author of the package in your post :slight_smile:

I would try rebuilding your graph as is in 1.3 and see if that works. Would narrow down the issue anyway.

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it works smoothly on Dynamo 1.2.2! Thanks a lot @jacob.small !
Why does not work on the lates release of Dynamo (2.0)?
Thank you again!

Same reason as for any other packages not yet updated, the reason is that the developer have not updated the code, for most custom nodes you can do the update yourself if you know what you’re doing :slight_smile: alternatively you can try and contact the developer and ask if there is a expected arrival :slight_smile:

Yes. I haven’t updated any of Ladybug Tools packages for Dynamo 2.0. I will update this topic once I get a chance.


Thanks for your feedback @Mostapha !
Looking forward for updates of your great tools on Dynamo!

I just pushed new packages for Ladybug, Honeybee and Butterfly which should work fine in Dynamo 2.0. Cheers.

@Mostapha , I installed your latest packages however this is still happening with honeybee/analysis grid.

I created a thread here: Solar Access - Ladybug/Honeybee - Dictionary Object has no attribute name

same problem here.

I have to still working with Dynamo 1.3

when you add “honeybee window Group” in “wGroups”, succ