New packages for ladybug and honeybee are available!

The truth is that I personally was never happy with the current packages of Ladybug and Honeybee for Dynamo. Ladybug had major performance issues because of using Dynamo geometry libraries and Honeybee was limited to point in time analysis.

The new packages address the performance issues in Ladybug and provides an extensive set of nodes for Honeybee. That said, there are a number of known issues in the current release which are mostly because of limitations in Revit and Dynamo:

  1. The Room To HBZones component for Dynamo is doomed to fail for complex cases. In those cases use Dynamo’s select item(s) nodes to bring the geometries to Dynamo and create Honeybee surfaces. Also vote up this feature request which will fix this bug if you haven’t already! This will hopefully be the last release that we are still waiting for Autodesk help. If it doesn’t happen the next move is to write a more solid solution to address this issue.

  2. Generate test points can be faster and more flexible. Hopefully Dynamo mesh library will support quad mesh faces at some point which will solve this issue.

Please also keep in mind this is the first release of Honeybee. However, we have tested the workflow as much as we could and have checked the results against the original Honeybee and other Radiance-based workflows bugs are expected. Double check the results of each study and let us know if you found any bugs.

You need to update both packages together to be able to run the sample files successfully.

Before getting started read the full release notes at this link.



This is awesome news, I’m going to update my packages today.

Thanks Mostafa

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missing definitions in the install, nodes not loaded

Which sample file and which version of Dynamo?

dynamo 1.3.2 – downgraded my ladybug install from 0.1.9 to 0.1.5… missing 5 nodes and 3 sample files from previous install… good job though! keep it up!! and thanks for your work!

That is because the improved version of the same functionalities are now available in Honeybee package. I strongly recommend to use the latest version of Ladybug and Honeybee. :slight_smile:

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cool! thanks!

Is there any idea when the energy simulation features for Dynamo will be available?

Not yet. It depends on when we can get better access to geometry and data in Revit file. See the links below:

Hi @Mostapha,

I am running Dynamo 2.0.2 with both Revit 2017.2 & 2018.3.
I installed Ladybug 0.2.1, Honeybee 0.1.9, Butterfly 0.1.1, and Mesh Toolkit. I also enabled the Hardware Virtualization as instructed in one of the tutorials…

I looked at the sample files and tried to run, and get errors. I went to Youtube and copied the scripts there but got errors. I looked at some of the discussions here, copied/downloaded the solution scripts and again and still got errors.

I am thinking that maybe there are steps that I haven’t done?

Sample Error:
sunpath_april_coppenhagen.dyn (44.1 KB)

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