Does anyone know about the development status of the butterfly package?

Butterfly node will not run after 2018. I know it’s a problem with the Revit package install address.
Is there any development on that issue?
Or does anyone know if there are other CFD nodes out there?

Error massage :
BFGeometries: null,
invalid literal for float(): DynamoForRevit

If you think this is a bug submit an issue on github.

and include below error message:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 48, in
File “”, line 17, in tryGetPluginPath
ValueError: invalid literal for float(): DynamoForRevit


This sums it up pretty well: Phasing out Ladybug Tools Dynamo Packages in favor of using RhinoInside Revit - #10 by turboyerbo - dynamo - Ladybug Tools | Forum

I know some (all?) of the tools can be made to work without too much effort (a team proved this in a hackathon I attended after the tools was EOL’d), but the full suite is likely a bigger lift.

Did you find any node similar to Ladybug?