Error Create Pipe Two Points!

I have just used Dynamo in Revit, I tried create pipe two points but it is not finish

Can you help me?

Thanks you very much

You’re gonna have to give some more information. What’s the error message?

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Thanks you for reply

The error message: “Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer. (3f47aacd)”

I suspect nothing is coming out of the python node.
You could try the Pipe.ByLine custom node from the ‘MEPover’ package.


Thanks you very much, it had worked !!!

Can I create pipe by polyline import link cad if i use MEPover ?

Thanks you for help me :slight_smile: !!!

Can I ask one more question?

I create pipe and I want delect point and line before I had created…

Thanks you very much

As long as you can convert those line to lines in Dynamo, then it should be possible.

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I don’t really understand the question, what do you want to detect?

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Thanks you for reply :slight_smile:

T_Pover, Can I ask a question ?

I want connect into two sprinkler on a pipe but I didn’t searched document and I understand about it because I have just used Dynamo three day ago

Can you help me?

Thanks you very much…!!!

As of now you can’t connect sprinklers into pipes with Dynamo unless you use the Revit API. I am currently working on a node that will do just that, but I haven’t finished it yet.

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Thanks you T_Pover because you helped :slight_smile:

Have a good day !!!

Hi @T_Pover

Sorry to boost this post. I have tried Pipe.ByLine. but i didnt see any pipe as an output. can you please check this image and help me please…

Hello @artistarulbabu,

It looks like you are feeding in a string into the SystemType input node instead of an actual SystemType. Try removing the x.Name node:


Thanks alot @T_Pover . Its working now. :slight_smile: This is first time i am posting my problem in forum. Amazing people here.


HI @T_Pover. Please Guide me in a right direction. I have used this code

and i get this output…

Here you can see all the elbow is working perfect . yes because i have only used Elbow.ByMEPCurves.

My question is how can i get the Tee joints and Cross joints… i dont see any nodes ass much as easy as Elbow.ByMEPCurves. For Tee joints and cross joints… should i write api programme to do this? or is there any node already doing this…

If you say its not possible by nodes which is already there can u suggest me how to achive this. Thanks


The Elbow.ByMepCurves node looks for the closest connector for each connector and then creates an elbow. If you want Tees or Elbows or Unions then you will need to use these nodes:

The difference with Elbow.ByMepCurves is that you have to input the exact pipes that you want to connect to each other.

I have not made a node for creating crosses, but you could use the code from this post:

Great @T_Pover. Thank You Pal :slight_smile: I am trying overall cad lines to mep pipe system . will update you once i succeed. :slight_smile:

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Translated by moderator. Original post below the line.

Brother, I just learned about dynamo, I studied MEP, a can I ask for this spinkler connection file.

Original post below

anh ơi em cũng mới tìm hiểu về dynamo, em học MEP, a có thể cho e xin file kết nối spinkler này đc ko ạ

is it finished?

Well that was a while ago, but I think I was referring to these nodes at the time: